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5 Practice Mate Features Which Make Your Practice More Efficient

About Practice Mate

Finding the right EHR for your medical practice can be stressful given the plethora of choices out there. In this piece, we will tell you all about Practice Mate which is a wonderful EHR option that you should fully focus on. The software has been around for a few years and is considered a really good choice for practices seeking options which are not too expensive. 

From helping you with reducing the number of unpaid bills at your practice to enabling you to save money with hidden costs. We will tell you all the reasons this software happens to be a good choice for anyone in search of an EHR! 

Features of Practice Mate Software 

Check Patient Eligibility Online 

The first feature in Practice Mate we want to tell you about is the patient eligibility checking feature. This feature allows you to save yourself a lot of time and misery which you might have had to deal with later. The feature checks from the get go whether a new patient who comes to your practice is eligible for insurance. 

Because of this feature you are able to know increase the likelihood of your financial success which is something every medical practice needs because at the end of the day you have bills you need to pay as well which is only ensured if you are running well! 

Free Set up and Training 

One of the biggest concerns people have when signing up for EHR software is that there are so many hidden costs associated with these software. However, with Practice Mate you are luckily able to avoid these to a large extent. The software offers free set up and training of their software at your medical practice. 

This helps you save the cost you might have otherwise had to pay to a team of demonstrators who would have taught you and your staff on how to use a software. Not all medical EHR software offer free training and Practice Mate doing so even though it is a low priced option is a great deal! 

Integrate to Softwares you are Currently Using

Another worry that a lot of practitioners have when getting a new software for their medical practice is whether or not the software they currently use will integrate into it. Fortunately for you, Practice Mate easily integrates other software into its fold so you can have all your medical software solutions operated from one place. 

This allows you to waste no time at all at having to import data from one software to another since you can just integrate your old software to your new one without missing a beat at all! 

File Claims Online for Free

Another feature we want to talk about for Practice Mate EHR Software is the claims filing feature. A lot of times filing claims can be a big hassle especially if you are prone to making errors and thus having your claims delayed, or even worse, rejected. 

However with this software you have access to a great claim filing feature which allows you to file claims in no time at all. With this feature you can file claims very quickly. You can also reduce the number of mistakes you might have otherwise made while filing them which increases the likelihood of your claims being accepted and reimbursed as well! 

Customer Support Representatives to Help

Another big issue users usually have with medical EHR software is that they do not get help to mitigate their issues when they arise. However, with Practice Mate you are able to connect with customer care representatives at any time at all which helps you to mitigate your issues in no time at all. Because of the wonderful customer care services, you can reduce the time it would otherwise take you to solve an issue and hence not skip a beat when it comes to your services and patients! 

Do we Recommend Practice Mate to You

Now if you are wondering whether investing in this software is the right choice for you then we cannot make this decision for you. We advise you to come to a conclusion yourself. We suggest reading as many Practice Mate reviews as you possibly can to see what current users think of the software. 

We also suggest asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you make a final decision because a demo will help you determine whether or not a software is worth your time as you are able to see its features in action and not just read about them!

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