5 Tricks to Focus on in Online Classes

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused in online classes because you have to stare at the screen all the time and your eyes can get tired from so much screen time that you have, this can divert your attention and you can get out of focus while taking an online class. Using some tricks and tips can help you to stay focused while taking online classes.

Here are some tricks to stay focused in online classes in case you need them.

Dedicate an Area and Specific Time for Studying

When you are studying via online classes, you need to dedicate a specific time and area for studying. By doing so, you would be maintaining a specific decorum required for studying. If you are taking classes in bed, then there are high chances that you get sleepy and you might fall asleep while studying.

When you dedicate a specific time for taking online studies, you maintain and follow a specific time table and everything that you do would be synchronized and properly done.

Elimination of Distractions is Required

While you are studying, specially while taking online classes, you have to make sure that every stuff that distracts you is far away or you are not having access to them. For instance, you are taking your classes on laptop, and you are still using your mobile phone or you have logged into Netflix from your Tv. These are the distractions that you need to stay away from.

Not just these, but any kind of distraction that diverts your focus away from your studies should be out from your reach.

Study with Breaks

While studying, it is important to take some rest as well because if you keep studying for hours and hours then you will end up loosing your interest and focus for the last lecture and that is not great.

For instance, you have to take 4 lectures, after attending every lecture you can take a 10 to 15 minutes break. Or you can also take a 30 minutes break after 2 lectures. Taking these breaks can freshen you up and when you start next lecture you would be more focused.

Write Your Own Notes

While taking online classes, rather than just copping the notes that the website or tutor is proving you that are already available to every student. You can make your own notes instead by just writing important things up during the lecture.

This would help you up to stay alert and once you have written up the notes by hand, you would also memorize some parts of them. It would be like hitting up two targets with just a single arrow.

Complete Your Sleep

Maintaining a proper sleep cycle is cardinally important for students as it keeps you fresh all the time. When you sleep at a specific time and wake up at a specific time then you stay healthy which helps a lot in focusing the studies.

If you haven’t completed your sleep then, during the lecture you would be yawning and you will be sleepy, sleep would then make it difficult for you to focus. So, if you want to stay focused during online classes then complete your sleep.


Above mentioned are all the tricks that can help you to stay focused while taking the online classes. Just try them out and they would be of great help. Tiredness and deprivation of sleep are one of the major causes for students to lose focus these days. So, they should complete their sleep no matter what.

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