A Guide to Choosing a Pediatrician

A Pediatrician or a child specialist is a doctor who specialises in treating children belonging to different age groups, from newborns to adolescents. As a parent, it is customary to search for the best paediatrician who can easily communicate with you, give a good ear to your child’s problems, and prompt treatment.

At the best child hospital in Coimbatore, we have a team of board-certified, well-qualified paediatricians. You may find a paediatrician that meets your requirements in our hospital.

Most parents are comfortable with the same paediatrician for many years. However, while you are well settled with your doctor, a sudden transfer of the workplace or office to a new city may make you search for a paediatrician all over again. While choosing a doctor for your child, you may ask your family doctor to refer a child specialist.

This article will provide you with some tips and information to guide you while choosing a paediatrician for your child.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Plan during pregnancy:

It is better to plan and start looking for a paediatrician when you get pregnant. During the first few months after the baby’s birth, you will often need to visit a paediatrician. You will be stress-free and confident with all the preplanning.

  1. Ask the people you trust:

Your friends, co-workers, family physician, doctor, or gynaecologist may suggest the names of the paediatricians. It is best to communicate with several people and gather some helpful information.

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  1. Look online:

Scan the web for the websites of the top paediatricians whose names have been suggested to you. The best child hospital in Coimbatore has a team of child specialists. You may be able to find the best paediatrician by browsing through the hospital website. As you browse through the websites of the different paediatricians, look for the following details:

Medical background of the doctor: Look for the doctor’s degrees and the specialisations.

Office hours: See if the office hours are convenient for you. You may like to know extra working hours or weekend appointments.

Contact details: Get a phone number so that you can call the office before you meet.

Hospital affiliations: Try to look if the paediatrician is affiliated with a hospital. e.g., the best child hospital in Coimbatore has qualified child specialists.

Location of the site: As you take your child often to a paediatrician during the first few months, try to find a location convenient for you, either near your home or office. Also, try to know about the overall size of the clinic and see if there is ample parking space.

Languages spoken by the paediatrician: Try to know the languages that the paediatrician speaks for better communication during the visits.

Other doctors, they work with: It is always better to know if the paediatrician shares the office space with other doctors and the health conditions of their expertise.

  1. Meet or call the paediatrician:

A website will not give you complete information. You may arrange to meet the paediatrician at his/her office or set up a call for a small interview to verify the necessary details. Although you may read the reviews about the paediatrician online, a personal meeting or a detailed phone call will help you know the paediatrician better.

You may ask the following questions:

  • Which medical institution did he/she attend?
  • Which certifications do they hold?
  • What is specialisation?
  • How many total years of experience does he/she have?
  • What is the working schedule? Are weekend appointments possible?
  • While the clinic is closed, who is responsible for receiving phone calls?
  • Is it possible to coordinate with one or more doctors in case the child has some serious problem?
  • Can he/she make an emergency appointment at short notice for acute illness such as ear or eye infection?
  • Do they offer teleconsultation or a video call consultation?
  • Are electronic media used to save the health-related information of children during every check-up?
  • Do they make use of any app or a tool for making appointments?
  • What are the consultation fees of the doctor? What is the method of payment encouraged at the medical office?

Once you have satisfactorily sought answers to your doubts, you may finalise the paediatrician you want to consult for your child.

Here are some other things to consider:

  1. If more than one paediatrician works in the office, you may want to know whether the same paediatrician will attend to your child on each visit.
  2. The politeness and cooperation of the staff and nurses with you are necessary for comfortable and stress-free visits.
  3. You may confirm if the paediatrician is willing to answer all your questions.
  4. Don’t feel shy to ask about some doubts such as breastfeeding or bottle-feeding problems.
  5. Check for the safety measures followed by the paediatrician and the staff while examining the child.
  6. Check if they remind you of the immunisation schedule for your child.
  7. Try to understand if the paediatrician suggests or sponsors any specific brand of child care products.
  8. As you gain the necessary information about the paediatrician, try to understand the philosophy and practical concerns followed by the doctor while treating the children.


While you search for the best paediatrician, visit the websites of the best child hospital in Coimbatore. We are sure that these guidelines will help you choose the best child specialist to take care of your children’s health so that they can lead healthy lives.

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