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Athena EMR: Frequently Asked Questions

About Athena EMR 

Athena is a very popular company which has been around for quite a while. The company was founded in 1997 and ever since then has been a leader in the field of medical software solutions. In this piece we will be diving deep into Athena EMR and perhaps helping you get an answer about whether or not you should invest in this software. 

While the company has been around for quite a while, it does not mean that the software will be right for you. In this piece we will hopefully answer all your questions about AthenaHealth EHR and bring you closer to your final decision; is this the right software for you or not! 

What Are Cerner Features I Should Look Out For?

Wonderful Dashboard Feature

The dashboard feature in Athena EMR is incredibly helpful and convenient. Because of how easy this feature is to use, you are able to pretty much navigate through the software in no time at all. This feature allows you to reduce the learning curve which is often associated with any kind of new technology. Since the dashboard is so user friendly it takes you almost no time at all to learn how to use this software. 

Lab Integration Features

The lab integration feature in Athenahealth EHR helps you to simplify lab tests and their results. You can easily order tests from the software itself and then further get the results for those tests in no time at all as well. Because of this feature you are able to reduce the time it takes between seeing a patient and diagnosing them. You can order the tests you require to make a diagnosis in no time at all which helps you out and makes things convenient for you! 

Patient Charting to make Treatment Simple

The patient charting feature in Athenahealth EHR helps you chart patient data in no time at all. This feature allows you to chart patient data very easily because it also has a dictation feature which allows you to dictate your notes and the software converts your dictation to written text. All in all, the software makes it as easy and smooth as possible to make notes. And at the end of the day, this is what matters! 

How Much Does Athena EMR Cost? 

While Athena EHR does not list its price publicly and you have to contact the vendor for a quote there are several websites and resources out there which give you an idea of the cost for this software. According to one such source the cost for this software is around $140 a month per provider. 

The software is not too expensive and comes in the category of moderately priced software which can be afforded by most medical practices! 

What Are Reviews For Athena EMR? 

If you are wondering what current users of the software think about it then perhaps we can help you. As far as Athena reviews go, the software has very positive reviews by current users online. These reviews give you an idea about how users think this software is very convenient to use. The software has an average rating of 4 stars or more. 

So as far as endorsement of the software goes there are dozens of users of the software online which attest to it being a good choice! 

Should I Invest In Athena EMR?

Now if you are wondering whether we advise you invest in Athena EMR system well we cannot make this decision for you. We can, however, help you come to your own conclusion about the software and hopefully give you clarity about what you should do. 

The first thing we suggest to you is that you read as any Athena EMR reviews online as you possibly can so that you know what you are getting into. Often reviews are the best way to find out about a software. 

We also suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then compare those features with the features present in Athenahealth EHR so that you can be sure that the software will match your needs. 
And finally, we suggest that you ask for an Athenahealth EHR demo to see once and for all if the software is worth it and suitable for your practice. This is because with a demo of the software you will be able to see it in action firsthand which should all but answer all your questions about the software and whether it is right for you.

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