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Any foot doctor in wellington fl will tell you that most people don’t take the necessary precautions for their feet when they start a new exercise program. This is okay for young children, teenagers, and even young adults in great physical shape. However, it can become very important if you are in your thirties or older and overweight. Although every workout program states that you should consult a physician before starting, few people bother to do so, let alone consult their foot doctor in wellington fl. Perhaps that’s the way it should be. If you want to avoid injury, you should follow a few good habits.

Start slowly

Anyone starting a new workout program is advised to start slowly for several reasons. While your primary concern may not be seeing a foot doctor in wellington fl, but rather a desire to avoid burnout (or serious heart problems), following these tips can still be good for your legs. Don’t try to run a mile or do high-intensity aerobics right away. These activities can put a strain on your lower extremities, especially if they carry more weight than they should. If you injure yourself, your routine will quickly be interrupted. Start slowly and gradually build up the load.

Buy good shoes

This doesn’t mean you have to rely on marketing. While it can be helpful to choose shoes designed for a particular activity, it is much better to try on several pairs and choose shoes that are comfortable and durable. Many people make the mistake of choosing a pair of shoes that they like, even if they are uncomfortable walking in. This can lead to a number of problems that can cause a visit to an orthopedic doctor. Avoid these problems from the beginning by choosing shoes that are comfortable.


Everyone knows it’s important to stretch before an intense workout, but this is often limited to a few toes and elbows behind your head. Many foot doctor in wellington fl also recommends stretching the feet and ankles. This is because whatever activities you are currently engaged in, your feet are likely to play an important role in achieving your goals. Unless your entire routine consists of bench presses, you need to take care of your feet and how they help you get through the workout. Don’t neglect them when it comes to stretching and training.

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