Composting For The Apartment Dweller

For those who have mowed your lawn and are adding lots of grass then be sure you add some matter that is dry too. Shredded card or paper, shavings, straw or woody prunings are perfect.

In November of 2006 we sold our house. We had thought about simplifying and moving to an apartment. So I gave my plastic bin to a friend and fellow gardener.

Bear in mind the ease of turning, when you purchase a that is compost tumbler. The tumbler barrel can become very heavy if your compost tumbler mixture is too moist. Some of us may need a bit of help, although A man wouldn’t have any tumbler turning. Targeted turning facilities or A tumbler might be a better option.

The recommended carbon to nitrogen mix is 30:1. It doesn’t need to be exact-after all who will stand there and quantify everything. A general rule is that if it’s breaking down you likely have too much carbon or you are not keeping it damp enough. You have it too wet if it’s smelly or you have too much nitrogen.

The unit is self-contained using a lockable lid making the unit resistant!

You’re saving money by not having to buy 15, by recycling your food scraps. You know that your compost is chemical free, unlike what you might buy in the shop. And there is the knowledge of knowing that you are keeping some waste from going to the dumps.

The home of everyone is different, but all of us use a whole lot of energy and have the ability to lessen our impact on our bank account and the environment. Get your housemates involved to get the creative juices flowing and start a project. Creating homemade energy is bound to become increasingly more popular as its benefits become apparent.

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