Eight Healthy Fat Foods Every Diet Should Include

Fats are as essential for your body as all other nutrients and if you are confused
regarding does your body need fats? Then reply is yes, it does. Fats offer your
body energy and also support cell growth. It assists your body to absorb several
nutrients and also to produce vital hormones.

Is fat necessary while losing weight?

Many people who want to lose weight consider fats as an enemy. But they have
to understand that dietary fat offer many vital benefits to your body that assist
with weight loss. As per the best nutritionist in India, to lose weight by including
certain fats in your eating plan, this will help you to feel fuller and satisfied.
If your main focus is to cut calorie intake for weight loss that you should restrict
high-fat ingredients in your daily diet, including cooking oils, nuts. However, there
are mainly two reasons to add fat in your diet when you are on a weight loss
program. Two reasons are as below:

Fat makes you feeling full

After having a balanced diet which also includes natural fats will make you less
interested in snacking between meals. This feeling of fullness that fat offer after
consuming natural fatty foods helps to manage weight loss.Fats also taste good

Fat enhances flavor, and everything feels better after it. If you are having salad
and adding a creamy dressing will improve its taste. Adding fat in the right way
helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and turned them into a more filling
meal. Thus, adding fat is best as it enhances taste and also makes them feel you
fuller for a longer time.

Eight healthy fat foods every diet should include

Fat is not a disaster as eating food rich in good fats helps to absorb the host of
vitamins, and help you to feel fuller and taste good. Fat is necessary and is an
essential part of your diet plan. To start with firstly never stress not on a low-fat

Diet instead focus on eating more good fat and limiting bad fats. Below we have
listed eight healthy fat foods every diet should include:
1. Olive oil
Olive oil is considered as the best and healthy fat that should be included by
everybody in their daily diet. One tablespoon olive oil contains about 120 calories
which is much less than all other, which are high in calories.
2. Fatty Fish
Fish is termed as brain food and had omega 3 fatty acids. It is best for brain health
as the human brain is made up of mostly fat, so it is necessary to include fats to
stay sharp and healthy. Dietician suggests including fish in your diet plan, and the
best part is that it results in weight loss too. Fatty fish like salmon is best to add in
your diet.
3. Avocados
Avocados are also rich in fat and help to lower inflammation which is linked with
cardiovascular disease. You should consume healthy fats as it will help your body
to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. A perfect diet plan for you by
considering overall calorie intake. You can consume avocado as an avocado toast
as it is ideal for breakfast, lunch or snack.
4. Dark chocolate
Surprisingly dark chocolate offers the right amount of healthy fat and cam is
enough to stave your sweet cravings. It has many other healthy nutrients too like
potassium and calcium and is also rich in flavonoid antioxidants. As per many
types of research consuming dark chocolate also reduces the risk of heart disease and
can also improve brain function. Selecting a good quality dark chocolate with
about 70 percent of cocoa it will offer a high level of flavonoids.
5. Eggs
Though it is high-fat food it has many other important nutrients too. For
weight loss, you can consume egg whites. Consuming egg yolk is best for overall health as it has vitamin A and chorine, which supports the brain, liver, muscles, and nerves.
6. Nuts
However, nuts contain fats but are considered as beneficial as they are healthy
fats. Nuts are also rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, a protein that helps to
prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You can enjoy nuts as snacks
or can toss them in salads too.
7. Peanut butter
No butter, but peanut butter is the best food having healthy fats. It is much
satisfying, and you can start you morning meal with it. Add peanut butter in
smoothie or oatmeal to enjoy it to fullest. Just keep in mind the portion you have
to consume.
8. Yogurt
Yogurt is also rich in fats but contains good probiotic bacteria that support gut
health. Full-fat yogurt in daily diet plan to reduce weight gain and obesity. It also
helps to improve heart health, avoid added sugar to it.

Fat is best to add to every diet as helps to improve your absorption of essential
nutrients and also helps to feel fuller. It helps to stay away from sugar cravings too,
advised by the best nutritionist in Bangalore to people that follow a diet including fat
in the right portion.

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