Everything About Amazing Charts; demo, pricing, and reviews

Have you been trying to get information about Amazing Charts? We’ve got it all covered in this article, whether you are wondering about Amazing Charts demo, pricing, reviews, or features! Read through the rest of this article to learn more!

About Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is an EHR software that was created by a doctor who knew all too well the difficulties that small-scale independently-run clinics experience. The idea behind Amazing Charts is that it has been specifically created to run quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate so most clinics can still afford to keep it going. 

In the time since Amazing Charts has been available, it has been used by more than 6,000 small-scale clinics from across the board of specialty areas. Whether it’s family or internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, or pediatrics, Amazing Charts has you covered. 

The Best Amazing Charts Features

If you’ve been thinking about checking out the features available at Amazing Charts, your best bet is to get an Amazing Charts demo to see the software in action. Short of that, you can read through some of our top picks for features below. 

With just one click on the software, you can access every bit of patient information you need. You get to view patient charts, chart summaries, results from their lab tests, summaries of their referral experiences, and even their older encounters with physicians so you can avoid documenting the same information again and again.

Different types of situations call for variously different forms and notes. In order to minimize the risk of all-too-similar notes that are difficult to tell apart, you can use the templates available at Amazing Charts to navigate through a library of templates and choose whichever one works the best for you. 

That’s not all, online prescriptions help you connect to patients in a more efficient way, whereas appointment scheduling lets you avoid the frustration of missed appointments. Using the scheduling tool, you can schedule, reschedule or remind patients of appointments. 

Using Amazing Charts, you can also connect with patients using a secure messaging channel where messages can be exchanged, and files, such as summaries of patient visits, lab test results and informational materials can also be shared. As long as you have access, you can view files and edit them if they are sent over to you as well. 

Reporting tools offered by Amazing Charts include already preset questions that will allow you to assess basic information, and you always have the ability to create your own reporting queries depending on the needs of your practice. 

The entire process of interacting with and providing healthcare to patients is automated – for example, when you sign in to write a note in the software, it will automatically create a superbill for the interaction and send it to billing storage space. 

Last of all, as a client of Amazing Charts, you get to access the customer support team who are always available whether on text, email, or secure chat. The software updates regularly and is constantly on the lookout to help you optimize your Amazing Charts EHR so it can be as useful for you as possible.

Amazing Charts Pricing

The Amazing Charts pricing plan for the EHR solution begins at $199 a month for each clinician. This plan also includes features such as annual support, implementation of the software, online prescriptions, and updates to the database. A free trial of the software is available so you can test it out and see if it works for you, or you can also request an Amazing Charts demo to see whether it is worth the investment for you. 

Amazing Charts Demo

You can get an Amazing Charts demo by contacting the vendor for details. Remember you can also receive a free trial of the software before you commit to it for longer. 

Reviews About Amazing Charts

The Pros

According to reviewers, there really are some wonderful benefits to using Amazing Charts as an EHR client. The software is easy to use and has the ability to be used in unique ways so the benefits can be amplified based on each clinic’s specific requirements.

Other reviewers mentioned that the customer support team is polite and supportive and that they are constantly available in case any issues arise as you use Amazing Charts. 

The Cons

You may notice this if you take the Amazing Charts demo, but the fact of the matter is that it is remote-based software. This means, and as reviewers point out, it has a tendency of lagging or stalling in case of connectivity issues. 

Conclusion – Does Amazing Charts Work for Me?

Finally, you have read through all there is to know about this brilliant software. Whether we’re talking about Amazing Charts demo, pricing, or reviews. For more insight about whether it really works for you, try reading more reviews or matching it up to features you are looking for in an EHR software.

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