Facial Cupping: Everything You Should Learn About

Cupping is the method to suck on your skin. This is an ancient technique that helps in stimulating your muscles and skin. Many people believe that cupping therapy is only for the body but do you know that it is beneficial for your skin too?

Studies have proved that skin suction in this technique leads to better blood circulation in your overall body. Facial cupping is not that different from body cupping as in both therapies, cups are used to suck the skin.

Hijama experts say that this technique is a perfect fit for aches and pain. But it does serve a different purpose for face skin.

How Facial Cupping Is Performed?

One of my cousins shared her experience when she went for a hijama in Karachi. When the cups are placed on your skin, it pulls the blood into the area of the skin. This method allows the formation of the new blood vessels and saturates the other tissues.

Experts also share that it encourages sterile inflammation. Studies explain that it is the pathogen-free trauma form that results in mechanical trauma with cupping.

Cupping is like a vacuum-like suction that provides different layers of tissues. It results in tearing and microtrauma.

Here Are Some Benefits Of The Cupping:

  • Facial cupping provides the following benefits:
  • Facial cupping stimulates the cells which produce collagen
  • Facial cupping help relax the muscle tension
  • Facial cupping results in strengthening skin and connective tissues
  • These are some benefits of facial cupping that enhance your skin. 

After a few days, you will notice a crystal clear change in your skin, including:

  • It will brighten your skin
  • It helps in minimizing the fine line, wrinkles, and acne scars
  • It leads to a decrease in face puffiness
  • It tones jawline, neck, chin, etc.
  • It controls oil production
  • It boosts the ability to absorb the products and nutrients delivery.

People often get worried when they learn about the bruises after cupping therapy. There are multiple reasons that you need an expert for your facial cupping. If the cup is placed on your skin for too long, then you may experience some bruises. Make sure that the therapist moves the cups every a few seconds to avoid bruises.

Side Effects of the Facial Cupping 

Researchers say that there are no such side effects of facial cupping. You can experience minor effects for a while. For example, a person can feel nausea, cold sweats, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

Some people often ask what if they perform facial cupping at home but I always suggest visiting an expert. You can also perform this therapy at home but you need to be careful while doing the facial cupping as it can give you bruises if it is not done properly.

Make sure that the practitioner grants you permission for performing facial therapy at home.

How to Perform Facial Cupping At Home?

Buy the cupping kits that are available in the market. Some cups are made up of hard plastics but some are manufactured with soft material. It depends on your preference on which one you will choose.

The first step is to wash your face and dry it gently. Use your fingertips to massage your face as it releases preliminary tension. Practitioners suggest applying face oil before facial cupping. Oil use prevents bruises. Apply a cup on your chin and wait for a few seconds, then move it in another direction. Cupped all the desired areas and splash warm water to reopen your pores.

Once your facial cupping is done, you can follow your routine skincare tips. Studies say that use of face oils is beneficial for the skin as they increase the absorption level and let your skin glow.

Experts believe that every person has a different skin type. You must talk to your doctor about what skin care products are a good fit for your skin.

Final Thought 

Researchers reveal that facial cupping helps in improving blood circulation. People who are worried about wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness should consider this therapy as it is an effective solution for your overall face look.

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