Foods that can stain your teeth

We all want the thousand-watt smile, with our teeth having the perfect amount of white; we do not want fluorescent teeth, like Ross from Friends, thank you very much.

However, having a perfect and lustrous set of teeth is easier said than done. What we eat has a direct and at times, grave impact on the whiteness and shininess of our teeth.

While there are many whitening treatments and procedures like teeth polishing that can help get the external stains off, but they too come with a cost.

Often, they lead to the removal of the enamel, which leads to problems like sensitivity, which then requires treatment from a Dentist in Karachi.


Another strategy to save yourself the trouble of teeth whitening is by avoiding the staining foods to begin with. Here is a list of some of the food items and beverages that cause teeth staining:

Black coffee

Dark, bitter, and rich, black coffee is the fuel that keeps you going. It is the first thing that you pick up in the morning and a staple to your life. However, coffee also causes the staining of the teeth.

Since the outer layer of the teeth is porous, coffee seeps in and ends up staying there, thereby leading to the staining.

The good news is you do not have to give up on your love for coffee. You just need to add a little milk to the coffee to take away the intensity of the color.


Cola is not just very bad for the health, but it also contributes towards the staining of the teeth. Since most people drink chilled cola, they do even more damage to their teeth, as when cold, teeth take up more of the stain.

Moreover, cola is also rich in sugar, that also can endanger the enamel. When the enamel is thinner, the staining also becomes a bigger problem.

While the best practice is to give up on the habit of drinking cola to being with, you can minimize the damage to your teeth by using a straw if you cannot give up your love for cola.

Dark berries and fruits

Certain fruits also have dark pigments that give them color and contribute towards the staining of the teeth. The staining is more aggressive in people who have more porous enamel, as the tiny particles are then able to get attached to the teeth.

Fruits that often have deep pigment include berries, pomegranates, etc. Their juices, ice-lollies and slushies also have the same impact on the teeth staining.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are very strong, in that they contribute towards the breakdown of the enamel due to high acidic content. This then makes it possible for the teeth to get stained by the dye that there is in the drinks.


Tomato also leads to staining of the teeth, but we do not just eat the tomatoes, but we consume them in different ways like ketchup, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, etc.

The staining occurs not just due to the dye and pigment of the tomatoes, but also due to the high acidic content of the tomatoes. This then promotes the erosion of the enamel and makes staining more likely.


Much like coffee, tea can also stain your teeth. On the contrary, tea can stain your teeth even more than coffee does.

Tea contains a substance called tannin, that promotes the process of staining. The darker the blend is, the more likely it is to stain the teeth. Moreover, tea also wears away the enamel of the teeth, which makes the process of staining even more likely.

One easy solution to this problem adding milk to the tea. It can significantly cut back on the staining power of the tea. If still, the stain is not receding, you can consult the Best Dentist in Islamabad then.



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