Here Is How Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe Online

Close to 60% of the world now has access to the internet. 

A report from Local Digital Overview in January 2020 has depicted that more than half of the world population is using the internet. And this has a lot to do with free Wi-Fi hotspots in the urban centers and also the need and demand for the internet in the modern world. 

But the unfortunate part is that with the growing need and demand for internet usage comes a rise in cybersecurity threats. 

In the pre-pandemic times, the kids around the world were being prepared to survive in the modern world where the internet is the key to learning. However, this teaching soon came into practice with the coronavirus outbreak. 

The coronavirus outbreak that escalated in the country in 2020 managed to put children back into their homes with high dependency rates of learning over the internet. 

With the major lockdown around the country and high restrictions, kids and schools were forced to continue their learning and teaching over the internet. 

While the parents had no choice but to introduce their homes to the best TV and internet deals for effective learning, they also had concerns about the safety of their kids. 

Having a secure internet service is not enough to keep your kids safe online. There are some key elements that you need to take care of for making sure your kid is acting safe internet. 

Following are the key elements: 

Keep Your Devices up-to-Date

One way to ensuring online safety for your kids by installing the latest software updates on the devices they use. While it is important to keep all the internet-connected devices up to date it is crucial to make sure the kids’ used devices are installed with the latest software or keep them protected against viruses and malware. 

Other than this, you can make sure your kid access the internet through the Google search engine and the Bing search engine’s safe search feature, which does not allow the installation of programs from unknown sources. 

This can reduce the risk of unnecessary installations that can cause trouble to your kid’s devices. 

Be Aware Of Your Kid Online Skill Level

Let us be honest here, kids might know much more about the internet and how to use certain devices that even you struggle with. 

So before thinking that you can unlock the device and keep it away from the reach of your children make sure you know how much of an expert your little one is. 

Every internet-enabled device has a certain skill required to access to use it effectively. Many devices now come with age-appropriate features that make sure necessary security protocols are ensured for safe usage. 

Also for additional protection of your kids, you can purchase the educational tablet that only allows me to install child-friendly application, access education sites for learning, and use YouTube Kids for entertainment. 

This is one way that can provide you a little peace of mind about your kids’ security and you do not have to continuously lure over your child’s tablet to know what they are doing. 

Because with the security protocols there is not much for them to do. 

Enable User Access Control

The user access control is one of the most talked-about features when it comes to child safety. Well, the user control is helpful to again online safety but it comes with a little complexity. 

You need to create a different login account in the first place, but with every account comes different privileges. 

For example, you can use an Android device to allow a guest account which then can be setup to ensure security on the networking devices, PCs, Laptops and gadgets.

Also, these security features can only be disabled when you do them, when necessary. 

Other than this, the user-enabled access also comes with GPS location traction, app lock, and geo-fencing to make sure you have all the knowledge of your kids’ security even when they are away. 

Stay Knowledgeable

Kids these days are learning hacks for every age-restriction feature. So instead of just relying on parental control apps, user control access, or more such features make sure you are well aware of the tips and tricks to keep your child safe on the internet. 

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