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How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In 2021?


Building a home is not an easy task. It’s a long and thorough project, which requires a lot of effort and time. Moreover, to make a home, planning is critical. And, it’s better to spend most of the time planning to create fewer efforts in the implementation phase. This article has the basics that a person needs before making a home in 2021.

Location of the House

The foremost important factor of building the house is the location of the plot, where you want to make a house. Always look for the properties that have more buyers and fewer plots. So, this indicates that the location has a high value, and it will be worth investing there. Lastly, look for almost developed places, making a profitable investment.

The site must have parks, schools, job opportunities, and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, There are a lot of housing societies in Pakistan that offer to build a home at affordable prices. Some examples are Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Bahria Town, park view city, and blue world city.

Cost of Building a house in Pakistan?


Building a home is not less than a dream. Almost every citizen of Pakistan makes many efforts to make a home of its own. These steps need special attention before and during building a house in 2021. These are considerations that to get the desirable results.

The Covered Area

The first and foremost important thing is the size of the plot. If the covered area is more significant, it will cause more expenditure. So the site also matters a lot in the cost calculation of building a house. Secondly, the cost of building a home will remain the same whether it is developing in an urban or rural area. And, to get a rough estimate, we will take a plot size of five Marla.

The Labor Cost

Labour is another cost-consuming area. Without efficient labor, it will be impossible to build a home in a reasonable amount and of good quality. Moreover, the workforce is essential to carry out plumbing, electrical work, and almost every job. Lastly, the cost may vary to different cities, but roughly, the labor will charge PKR 380 per square foot to build a five-marla home. And, the rough amount of making a double story five-marla home would be around PKR 760,000/-

Building a Grey Structure

The building materials are the main elements without which it would be impossible to build a house. Therefore research in these materials is essential before building a house. The building materials may include bricks, crush, cement, steel, and sand.

We need all these materials in a reasonable amount to build a house. Moreover, The average cost of making a grey structure of 5 marla homes will be PKR 2,853,875/- which includes the charges of bricks, sand, crush, cement, labor, plumbing, and electric work, grills, gates, etc.

The Finishing Cost (Per Square Foot)

The finishing cost of building a house may vary because of the finishes you are looking for in the home. But, according to rough estimates, an average finish may cost around Rs 1350 per square foot, and an expensive finish will cost around Rs 1950 per square foot.

The items included in finishing a five-marla home are tiles, marbles, electrical work, kitchen and bathroom fitting, paint, windows, wood, and glasswork. Moreover, the average cost of finishing the five marla home would be around PKR 2,683,050/-. The price includes all the items mentioned above. Lastly, products and accessories may charge differently, so buying wise products is crucial.

Finally, the total cost of building an average five-marla house will be around PKR 5,536,925/- Moreover, the price may fluctuate due to various issues. A wise decision is necessary to make a cost-effective house building.



Building a home is a basic necessity and a dream of every person in the world. However, making a budget is a primary factor while making a home. Moreover, there are different housing societies available in Pakistan that offer to build a house at an affordable price. Home construction is time-consuming and a painstaking task. Furthermore, we can divide it into two categories like building a grey structure and finishing the home. Lastly, Kingdom Valley Islamabad Official Website has all the information about affordable housing societies in Pakistan.

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