How To Identify The Real Kissanime Site

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The Real Kissanime – How to Find Out

The official Kiss Anime streaming site has been discontinued, and millions of people worldwide are now wondering why, why now?

The official kissanime streaming site,, has taken hers down and is now asking: “Why, why now?”

There is, however, another problem that has developed in the minds of Kissanime users, and that is the fact that the app is one of the largest Anime streaming websites. App users may feel that they are on a legitimate platform, but they are not.

Clone Kissanime Websites

First, Kissanime has several fake cloning websites that claim to be the real ones. Be aware of these clones because while the official Kiss anime site is Kiss anime, all other domains (letters and dots) are fake.

Since the actual site is geographically limited, you can click on the above proxy to stream free anime content. Note that KissAnime’s alternative sites are filled with ads and may require premium accounts. Free anime sites that do not require account login include 9anime, AnimeFreak, animeFrenzy, and AnimeDao. Sign in and register your account on these pages and enjoy Full HD streaming from Anime.

Steps to Block ADs

If you want to watch Anime on Kissanime for free, follow this guide to learn how to block ads. If you want to use the site, we have a guide on how to be careful how many ads Kissanime has, so you can follow our guide on using Kiss anime without ads!

The first thing you need to do before you forget to get rid of the ads on Kissanime is to download and install the application. The original Kissanime application is not a virus and does not contain any kind of malware or other spam software.

This page is not related to the legitimate Kissanime site and is provided to allow you to access your favorite websites and enjoy your favorite shows. If there are concerns about Kissanime being a dangerous site due to ads, we have decided to explain how to remove the virus to prevent it from leading to dangerous sites through ads.

How To Remove The Virus To Prevent

The official website of KissAnime, which includes many other anime websites, has been blocked by governments in many countries in recent years, leading to the site going offline.

Alternative side of Kissanime

The alternative side of Kissanime, similar to the legitimate side of Kissanime, but sometimes you change the domain and turn off the movie streaming, sometimes even completely.

This has become a problem for KissAnimes, the only official website that still exists for her, as it has become the primary source of information for many of her fans.

It is doubtful that Kissanime will ever return, and given these events, it is probably best to check out other Anime streaming sites, such as the official Kiss Anime site. There are several clone websites that claim to be the new official domain, but there is the right place to find out if the site works and a link to the actual site.

The best Kiss Anime alternatives are the official Kiss Anime page and many others included in this list, such as the official KISS Anime website and many more.

AnimePark is one of the best sites to stream anime series, where you can watch the shows in both English and sub. Compared to other anime websites, you can download and watch your favorite anime episodes on this page.

It also allows you to ask which Anime to insert and a few anime streaming sites better than the Kissanime app. This website is not very similar to the Kiss Anime, but it is an excellent site for anime fans and an excellent alternative to the official Kiss Anime website.

Kissanime SubReddit – One of the Advantage

One of the advantages of the Kissanime subreddit is that you know if it is shut down or not, and you get news from users on the site. This way, you can ask alternative users if Kissanime is just down like everyone else or check its status if you get problems with the website.

When Kissanime has shut down again, you do not have to give up your favorite source, and now you have access to one of the best websites as a Kiss Anime alternative.

The special thing about this Kissanime is that it is a site for anime lovers, not for you. There are some excellent anime sites like Kissanime that still have all the fun you want for the many anime lovers, like the “KissAnimes” Reddit.

The intention behind its creation was to ensure that a site is still a friendly place for anime lovers and, therefore, not a scam. The promotional pop-ups show that this site is an excellent platform for anime streaming, but this is not a deal-breaker. Whenever people are free, they can open the Kissanime website, stream their favorite animations and movies, and show everything on the website.


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