How we can take abortion pills without prescription?

Can we buy the pill without a prescription?

At present, the contraceptive pill can only be prescribed during a medical consultation by a general practitioner, gynecologist or Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE.

Choosing a contraceptive is not a trivial matter and it is important to discuss this with your doctor in order to choose the method of contraception that is best for you. To do this, the doctor relies on various parameters:

  • use
  • the patient’s lifestyle,
  • the patient’s medical history.

Renewal of the pill: who to contact?

For optimal medical monitoring, it is advisable to renew the medical prescription for your pill from the doctor, gynecologist or Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE who prescribed it . If this is not possible, you can of course turn to another doctor.

My prescription has expired: what should I do?

In order to avoid any interruption of treatment between two consultations, pharmacists are authorized to dispense the contraceptive pill, if the expired prescription is less than a year old.

A Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE, nurse or family planning staff are also healthcare professionals who can provide you with your pill without a prescription, if it expired less than a year ago. However, the duration of renewal by a pharmacist and / or nurse cannot exceed 6 months.

You can also contact our doctors through an online consultation to renew your prescription.

Is the morning after pill available without a prescription?

Yes, unlike the contraceptive pill, emergency contraception known as the “morning after pill” can be obtained immediately in pharmacies and without a prescription .

It is however important to remember that it is not recommended to use the morning after pill as regular contraception because it is not as effective as the contraceptive pill or the other means of contraception like the IUD , the vaginal ring. , the contraceptive patch or the contraceptive implant and the contraceptive injection .

Do I need a prescription from  Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE for all pills and birth control pills?

Some contraceptives – mainly condoms but also spermicides – are available without a prescription.

A survey the results of which were unveiled in March 2016 at a congress organized by the UAEContraception Association showed that 53% of the 1,000 health professionals surveyed were in favor of making micro progestative pills available without a prescription (contraception hormonal which contains only a progestogen) such as Degazette ® or Optimizette ; while only 20% were in favor of free access to the combined pill (contraception containing estrogen and progesterone) because its side effects may be more severe.

Progestin-only birth control pills could be affected because they have limited side effects and few health risks – compared to third and fourth generation pills.

If progestin-only pills could be sold without a prescription, it would suffice for patients to answer a pre-established questionnaire at the pharmacist in order to simply check that there are no contraindications. The difficulty would then be for the pharmacist to differentiate the patient who comes to renew her prescription from the woman who wants to take the pill for the first time . The latter may, in fact, need more support.

Buy birth control pill online

The online sale of drugs that necessarily require a prescription is prohibited around the world. However, you can access a prescription through an online consultation at  Get abortion pills in Dubai or get the prescription refill for the pill you were already taking, following an online medical consultation on Get abortion pills in Dubai.

If necessary, our doctors can send you a prescription within a few hours to download from your personal space.

Is it dangerous to buy my pill on the internet?

There are many unauthorized sites that practice the illegal trade in these drugs without the origin of the products being identified.

We do not recommend that you buy a contraceptive pill online or any other contraceptive such as the patch ( Evra ®) or the contraceptive ring ( Nuvaring ®).

By purchasing a product that is not supervised by health authorities, you risk exposing yourself to a counterfeit medicine that could be ineffective or even dangerous for your health.

I have run out of prescription, how do I get my pill quickly?

You have the option of requesting your pill prescription through an online medical consultation. All you need to do is complete an online health questionnaire which will be reviewed by one of our doctors.

Depending on your state of health and your needs, the doctor may issue a prescription which will be sent to you by mail or directly sent to the pharmacy of your choice. The price of the consultation includes the study of your file by a doctor, the writing of the prescription as well as its sending.

In an emergency, the prescription can be delivered within 3 working hours. If the doctor does not have enough information to carry out a remote consultation or considers that he / she cannot safely prescribe a treatment, the amount of the consultation will not be deducted.

Patient opinion

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