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Identifying The Need for Patient Engagement by Gym professionals 

The gym industry has continued to grow in the past few years, increasing the competition amongst the studios and eventually making it difficult to stand out in this crowd. 

Today, there are a number of gym studios running in every other lane of any city. They run with their own membership offers and working patterns. But what arises as the question is, is this enough? Certainly not! 

For people today, especially millennials, the gym is more than just a place to work out. Moreover, the modern consumer wants a more personalized experience when they go to the gym – they want it to be fun and engaging.

Patient (client) engagement for Gym professionals 

When you hear about patient engagement, what comes to your mind? Patients – Hospitals? That’s where it goes wrong.  Patient engagement is not just restricted to ill people; it is an important aspect of every healthcare industry. Patient engagement is broadly about involving customers, clients in this case (gym), in decision-making for themselves thus helping in achieving a positive eco cycle. 

Considering Gym, client engagement is a critical aspect of running a successful gym. The gym industry is temperamental. Gym professionals need to persuade people to join their service and then build a fruitful relationships to retain them. To achieve this goal, adopting patient engagement solutions happens to be the unlocking key. Advantages of client engagement include an increase in retention at the very first step as it adds to client satisfaction. Plus, positive word of mouth is the most favored byproduct. After all, people love to join gyms with their friends and family. 

Knowing all this, how to start? 

Well, the most in-trend and convenient platform- is social media! It has made it easier for fitness professionals to connect with people interested in wellness. Sounds common? But maybe the most effective ways of doing so are yet uncommon. Social media gives you the leverage to select your audience on a micro level, target the right customers for better engagement and stay in touch with them on a regular basis. 

Tips on how to utilize social media to market your gym business 

1. Run Contests 

This is proven to increase client engagement, add to their brand liking & ultimately increase your brand awareness. It becomes a point of attraction for new like-minded people. 

2. Share a Give-Away

It may include loyalty schemes to loyal customers for their extensive partnership or benefit vouchers to the new birds. 

3. Start a series of results 

The gym is all about results. Share before and after pictures of your customers who have been able to achieve their goals. This enables you to share in brief their plan & make it relatable to the viewers.

4. Most important- choose interaction over promotion. 

Promotion leaves an impression of a gym needing the clients, while interaction creates a need for clients to join & continue the gym. Share educational content like exercise benefits, DIY methods of doing exercise at home, healthy eating habits, how to use a treadmill at home,  etc. through your social media page. Create a pattern of communication. 

Patient engagement through website 

A website is an online address. It then enables you to educate people about your services and products through detailed and one-place information. 

As businesses continue to become more reliant on the internet for their success, websites are becoming an essential component of every business owner’s marketing strategy. 

If you are looking for a platform that gives you customized client engagement solutions, ways to generate leads for your business, increase traffic on your website, Nth sense, the most trusted patient engagement platform will help you in this journey. 

Mind you, this journey crosses all the milestones like patient satisfaction , positive patient experience, and ultimate patient care with green flags.

Patient engagement challenges in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry has a lot of hurdles to overcome in order to successfully engage with patients, including lack of time, limited resources, and sometimes unawareness of the latest communication technology. 

In the last 2 years where we all were forcibly pushed into the online ecosphere, gym professionals had to struggle to maintain the desired engagement with their customers. Sustaining rapport, managing client compliance, maintaining client’s progress, etc. were some of the major challenges.

Apart from the subjective challenges, injury prevention was another major challenge as it was getting harder for trainers to monitor and correct posture virtually. It took time to understand the disconnect and determine what they can do to address it. 

The onus to bridge this gap goes to patient engagement solutions by service providers like Nth Sense, who created all together never-done-before strategies. 

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