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Importance of Blogs in Enhancing SEO for Dentist

You might agree to the fact that a fundamental part of success in dental marketing is showing up on Google when a patient searches for a new dentist, right? Taking into account, SEO for Dentists becomes paramount to achieve this success. But what strengthens this practice? BLOGS! Yes, blogs serve as more opportunities to rank for keywords that your patients are searching for on Google. Apart from this, blogging also helps position you as an expert in the dental industry and establishes trust with your patients.

Well, this is just an introductory information of why blogs are a necessity while carrying out SEO for Dentists. If this is sufficient to convince you, you may find a healthcare marketing agency in this blog ahead that can help you draft beautiful blogs. In case you need to know more about the power of blogs in SEO, keep reading.

How exactly does a blog help your dental practice’s search engine optimisation?

Blogs help you build organic presence (web’s real estate) on google. It helps showcase your expert knowledge to establish authority in front of both- patients and search engines. According to research, a website with a dedicated blog sees a 434% increase in index pages. Well, if you find this technical, to put it simply this scenario is good for a doctor website as it provides ample content to search engines to crawl and verify your content by understanding the data you provide.

In addition, with a blog, interlinking is enabled which is one of the important ranking factor (providing your service pages with more authority and searchability)

Blogs from Google’s view

Your any web page to be seen on top needs to be indexed. It gets so when google has crawled the page, analysed the content as per its parameters like uniqueness, credibility, relevancy, etc. Once done successfully, it is stored in google’s index to be shown on SERP when googled.

Benefits of blogs for your bottom line- Sales

Just like a website holds the potential to convert patients, blogs add to this potential and prove to be essential dental sales tools. Infact, a blog alone has the ability to generate more leads and boost the conversion rate as it provides the opportunity to portray your service in detail with some value added information.

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts.

If you need help developing a dental blog there are digital healthcare solutions providers like Nth Sense who have content strategists, SEO experts and copywriters to get you through the dental blog process with extensive keyword research, best optimization practices, analytical tracking.

Note  play a crucial role in today’s changing dynamics of the healthcare industry.

Some tips to takeaway

  1. Add Your Blog Directly to Your Practice Website
  2. Write an Appropriate Length, Timely Blog
  3. Identify Your Blog Topics
  4. Plan your content
  5. Optimize Your Blog for the Most Views
  6. Cross promote your blogs

Closing here

As the world becomes more saturated with online content, it can be challenging to stand out in the healthcare marketing space, especially when digital. Currently, there are over 600 million blogs globally, which account for more than 6 million posts per day, or 2.5+ billion annually. Considering these facts, even after acknowledging the importance of blogs in enhancing SEO for dentists, it’s no wonder that many dental practices struggle to get their blogs seen by their target audience. However, to cope up with this scenario, there are several healthcare marketers who can help your practice thrive.

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