Power of Patient Engagement Solutions for Zumba Professionals

Who doesn’t like to dance? Well, not a very technical one – but the one that will entertain and help you get into shape at the same time. Yes, we are talking about the Zumba workout. 

Zumba has been the most accepted mode of workout in recent times not only by females but males as well. With the surge in awareness, it becomes obvious that the trainers are in high demand. However, it also puts them under the pressure of maintaining a balance with their clients. Thus, it demands client engagement, technically known as patient engagement as the bridging element.

Adopting patient engagement in the fitness industry

The effect of patient behaviour based on their experience has always contributed to better health outcomes. The fitness industry is nothing different; the more the client is engaged, the better is the happiness quotient, the faster is the desired outcome.

For example, a person joining a Zumba class for weight loss will be able to achieve his goal efficiently if he is involved thoroughly throughout; which means right from day 1 to all the phases till desired results. However, this is a two-way process; the Zumba trainer plays an equally important role here. The trainer has to adopt various measures to ensure a 100% positive client experience that shall ultimately lead to more loyal clients. 

Loyal Customer- yet another crucial aspect

By definition, customer loyalty describes an ongoing emotional relationship between you and your customer. It is manifesting how willing a customer is to engage with you versus your competitors. 

But to put it simply, loyalty is the byproduct of a customer’s positive experience with you which basically works to create trust.

A loyal customer is a mere reflection of how well your activities were perceived by your clients. And what else than a loyal, happy & satisfied client matters?

Client engagement by Zumba professionals

A lot has been shared about the benefits of Zumba by professionals through various channels. However, reaching the right & retaining the existing clients has always been a challenge in the fitness industry. People do join for fun or through referral schemes but fail to continue for a longer period. All of this invites the need to consider efficient client engagement activities to ice-break and to score on client’s loyalty 

Just the act of enrollment doesn’t work, it needs to shake hands with clients’ engagement platforms like Nth Sense to create a chain. 

Zumba in the online era 

Like every other industry, the fitness industry also had to get into the online race due to the unexpected pandemic and the stay-at-home orders. There were a lot of new learnings as operating the fitness industry in online mode was overwhelming. Unlike other professionals, it wasn’t an easy job for fitness professionals to accommodate their clients in the 14-inch frame against a spacious room. Coordination remained a challenge. Dance steps were going haywire if not attended minutely. 

3 toughest challenges that we’re pretty hard to address-

  • Disturbance in the emotional bond 

With no in-person meeting, the Instructor – Client emotional bond seemed disturbed. 

  • Lack of instructor-to-client energy transfer 

Remote living impacted physical meetings which then hampered the transfer of in-person-energies.

  • Missing the joy of dancing together.

Yet again, online life distanced the physical joy & the real essence of dancing.

Having said that, getting into online mode opened various modes for the Zumba professionals to better engage with their clients. However, the challenge remains as to how to explore these modes? Well, Nth Sense, a leading patient engagement solutions platform has the best answer to how to unleash the potential of such modes and enhance your client experience. Below is a glimpse of the same.

1. Get social (online)

Social media has become one of the most perceived and accepted mediums. Reaching out to new customers through creatives and videos was never so easy. It is not just about new customers but keeping in touch with the present clients too can be challenging. 

Zumba is peppy. Updating regular photos and videos of classes encourages the present customers & attracts the new ones too. A regular reel on Instagram is one of the best deals. Nth Sense cracks many such deals with a customized plan for all the Zumba professionals.  

2. Keep a track of your client’s satisfaction

The quality of health care and patient satisfaction are correlated. Satisfied clients are more likely to adhere to their care plans thus helping in achieving positive results. Taking it ahead, it adds to client loyalty that stands as a big plus for any professional. 

If a client is irregular or faces difficulty in grasping the Zumba moves, you make a move; walk towards engagement solutions that will create interest. One’s happy experience works as a referral to others. One’s happy experience works as a referral to others; that’s the power of word of mouth. 

3. Get on client engagement solutions platform 

Client engagement solutions are the new trend of keeping in touch; Nth Sense is one such all-in-one yet customized solutions platform. To encourage & engage patients, Nth Sense offers an array of patient engagement solutions & resource materials. You can easily leverage these services for your clients in order to enhance their experience and retention.

Get in touch with Nth Sense today to create your customized client engagement plan through which you can guide, train, monitor your clients and they will be yours for a lifetime!

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