5 Ways to Promote Health & Wellness Through Video

5 Ways to Promote Health & Wellness Through Video

Health and wellness industry is growing like wildfire. The awareness and interest in holistic health and wellness are increasing among people who positively impact their lives. Health and wellness industry is witnessing great success in recent times, and due to that, the competition is getting tough among different brands associated with this industry. However, marketers remain challenged to promote their brands in this highly competitive era. This is why they rely on health and wellness videos.

When you have decided to make health and wellness videos as part of your marketing strategy, make sure that these videos are full of information and inspiration. The audience appreciates short, informative, and motivating videos, and this is why marketers have to make such videos that can serve the cause of health and wellness promotion. Additionally, promoting health topics further increases the brand value and market cap, so many brands are now investing in making a video on health and wellness to reach the maximum audience.

Why use videos to promote health and wellness?

Video is now used as a key marketing tool. Many marketers rely on video to reach out to a larger audience. Since the goal of the marketers is to promote the brand, video delivers that.

Visual representation is crucial in the health and wellness sector. For instance, a personal trainer who conducts sessions on various wellness programs, including weight loss, has to rely on well-documented video series that can thoroughly convey the message to its audience.

Many trainers are connected with their audience through various social media and video-sharing platforms. According to estimation, 75% of Instagram users follow the wellness videos after watching them. It shows how people rely on video content for adopting health and wellness programs.

The biggest video-sharing platform YouTube also witnesses a surge of health and wellness videos in recent times. Viewers use search terms like Yoga, wellness, meditation, and relaxation to reach these videos. The watch time of these videos is higher than the rest. This popularity attracts the attention of the marketers to make quality videos on health and wellness using free online video maker that can serve their purpose. It shows how much the audience relies on videos to indulge in health and wellness programs.

Most innovative ways to promote health and wellness through video

Here are the top ideas to promote health and wellness through the videos.

  1. User-Generated Video

User-generated videos are simple yet effective because the consumers mainly generate them, and they share their experiences through these videos. These videos are mainly based on brand, product, and service. Most of the time, people love to share their experience of using a certain product of any brand or if they got benefits from any instructor. These videos are simple, and they use social media to post them, and in this way, the audience gets motivated by these videos.

Social media is the most used medium to get connected with people, and consumers use this platform to share their thoughts or experience of a certain health and wellness brand.

These videos multiply the brand awareness and increase trust with the audience. Since these types of videos are trending, marketers leave no stone unturned to promote them on their authentic channels. They also place these videos on their websites that prove their authenticity.

Not all the time, users create these types of videos proactively. Sometimes, marketers push them to do so, and they do if they have already experienced the benefits. In this way, user-generated videos are best to showcase the brand’s effectiveness and popularity.

  1. Explainer videos

Explainer or how-to videos are an excellent way to share positive content with the audience. These videos solve the query, and when the audience gets their appropriate answers, they appreciate these videos. According to data, almost 96% of the viewers stick with explainer videos to learn deeply about health and wellness programs. It is quite easy for a trainer to use a how-to video to explain the tactics that can solve the viewer’s problem.

Explainer videos are the most effective and popular video marketing trick that can easily impress a larger audience if they are done perfectly. According to data, explainer or how-to videos were the second most-used video content type in 2020, and now their popularity is increasing.

Since these videos are visual guides to do something, the audience stays engaged till the end. Since these are informative, their popularity is getting increased day by day. Explainer videos are great to share on social media platforms, and this is why many health and wellness videos can be seen in these explainer video formats.

  1. Educational videos

Educational videos are very important in the health and wellness institutions that mainly sell products or services. These videos are all about educating the audience regarding the wellness programs that the organization conducts. If that organization sells different vitamins, supplements, or skincare products, then know-how or educational videos are best to use.

As a marketer, you can embed educational videos on the website or social media pages to spread the appropriate information regarding the product and services. These videos also help the current clients and their customers develop a deep understanding of the product or services you offer. If you are involved in selling nutritional and other supplements, then educational videos are best to convince the maximum audience.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonial videos are known as social proof. These videos are all about the first-hand experience of the existing customers after using your products or services. Testimonial videos are much more effective and can impact a larger audience. When you make testimonial videos using an online video maker, it will be easy to witness the result within a short time.

Quality testimonial videos always drive sales because the audience gets motivated after watching them, and this is why marketers emphasize these types of videos that truly boost sales. According to the statistics, testimonial videos are 89% more effective compared to different videos. Therefore, never drop any chance to ask the existing customers to film testimonial videos sharing their experiences.

  1. Behind-the-scenes videos


When you have a large viewer base, most of them want to know about your organization, the person behind the brand, the journey, and many more. These videos are unscripted and always candid, and offer deep insights into the organization. You can also share the work culture of your organization that drags a positive impression on the viewers.


There is a rising demand for health and wellness videos on various platforms. If these videos are made perfectly, they can easily attract maximum attention to your organization. These tips help you to promote these videos to get an outstanding result.

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