SEO for Doctors Strategies

SEO for Doctors Strategies: 3 Proven Ways

One of the key findings in a report issued by the Pew Internet Project titled Online Health Search 2006” states-

‘’Most internet users start at a general search engine when researching health and medical advice online.”

Did you say ‘this is an old report? Well, today the numbers have gone further high considering the multiple technical interventions, an exponential rise in mobile usages, plus the ‘doctor search’ apps being a bonus!  Source unrequired though! When it comes to health questions, search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) are the first stop for two-thirds of internet users. Not to forget, the searches done on the behalf of someone else, the forwarded healthcare tips and of course the gift of information brought along with the fruits and flowers to the bedside.

Well, all of this has created an opportunity for medical professionals to consider healthcare based SEO and get top visibility at places where they are searched- Google, mainly! On the first page of course! For this to happen and attract more users to your website, there are certain harmonised strategies when it comes to

SEO for doctors.

Defining SEO in Seconds

SEO is the process to optimize/develop content that can be the justified answer to your customer’s searches.

When it’s Healthcare SEO, it is to develop content according to your healthcare specialization considering the past patient queries (technically keywords) to rank your website on the search engine.

Well all of this might sound taxing to perform right? But that’s the need! However, patient engagement platforms like Nth Sense who have customised services like SEO for doctors can be your SEO friend and help you manage the SEO game.

They say, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

The premier is here

List of strategies to implement –

  1. Consider keyword based content

Keyword is the query searched by your patient on the internet. Curate a list of solid, relevant keywords, which caters to your expertise and services you offer. Then identify a relevant page for each keyword, insert accordingly and if required add new ones too.

But remember, creating a plethora of content is not always necessary, but quality is! Appropriate quality content is the key to unlock the right way to practice SEO for doctors. This content can be of various types, such as services you offer, health tips, blogs, news articles, patient feedback etc.

  1. Invest in graphical representation

A piece of content, especially when it is like a blog, becomes more readable and attractive when it is little pictorial. Adding pictures and videos to a doctor website helps visitors spend more time on the website and also makes it convenient for them to make the desired decision in time. How does SEO come into picture here? Well, the increase in visitor’s session time on your website, that is more a user stays on your website, indicates to the search engines that the page is relevant to the keyword searched by the user. Ultimately, it helps your website’s visibility. Plus, video content is today booming, so better to invest in it now and outrank your competitors.

  1. Gather patient review

You might have claimed 50+ third-party directory and review site listings, but it is equally important to put time in collecting patient feedback from your satisfied patients. Patient reviews are one of the most important ranking factors while considering SEO for doctors. If you want to grow your local practice, this point is a plus

Mark down-

SEO for doctors is successful only when practiced consistently! It’s a continuous process to maintain and / or improve your website’s ranking through best practices. What if done only once or twice? Well, nothing much but you will surely give away potential visitors, leads or revenue to other websites ranking on top of you, that’s it!

Just FYI, leads from SEO possess the highest possibilities in converting patients.

So Doctors, upscale your SEO game this year and get ready for the next one in advance!


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