Skin Care With Skin Specialist During The Summer

During the “passing” sweaty summer, all the heat from the three hot months accumulates in your body. The rains bring relief to your mind and body. During the summer, your body begins to lose all the accumulated heat through your skin in various forms – outbreaks, skin infections and the most deadly fungal and bacterial infections.

Don’t worry yet. These diseases are expected during the rainy season, although a person can easily be unaffected by these skin conditions. Prolonged skin infections are not good, and it is vital to see a skin specialist in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible.

Read on for some handy tips to help you during the rainy season.

Protect your skin with a skin specialist in Abu Dhabi!

It is vital to take the necessary steps to protect your skin from high humidity. Wet skin is a breeding ground for bad skin conditions, eventually leading to fungal and bacterial skin diseases. Concentrate on keeping those areas that manage to stay warm and cramped dry. Examples include the spaces between the toes, armpits and groin.

To be on the safe side, you should bathe with warm water, keep them as dry as possible, and use antifungal soaps and antifungal powders (for delicate skin) after checking with your skin specialist. Also, make sure you take the time to moisturize your skin with a bran or almond flour-based moisturizer.

It is important that you always use special products for very dry skin in Abu Dhabi. We all know that the climatic conditions in the region can oscillate between hot and very hot. We are talking about dry heat here. This is why it is essential that you take care of your skin, which is likely to turn very dry because of the climate conditions.

Happy feet are the way to go!

Make sure you don’t neglect your feet, especially on a stormy, rainy day. Getting your feet wet can be a common problem, but it’s how you protect them from odours and other foot infections that matters. After walking through murky water, wash your feet with a disinfectant solution dissolved in comfortably warm water. Once you’ve successfully and thoroughly cleaned your feet, rub on some moisturizer and put on a pair of warm socks.

Keeping your feet warm and dry is just as important as keeping your footwear dry rather than wet. It is highly recommended that wet shoes be exposed to the sun to dry rather than left in a dark, damp place.

Rain does bring fun and frolic, but being responsible with your skin is something you must invest in. Keeping your skin happy and glowing will allow you to enjoy your summer instead of dealing with the dreaded skin diseases and infections.

Enjoy the summer and stay away from skin infections. In case you get an infection, don’t worry! Contact our renowned skin specialist in Abu Dhabi. Contact our best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi for skin treatment and skin-related issues.


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