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The Benefits of Voice Recognition According to ChartLogic Reviews

Have you ever wondered how bringing a voice recognition tool can speed up work at your practice? Luckily, ChartLogic has just the tool, and it can be used immediately to get you up to speed. In this article, we will go over the voice recognition tools available, and how ChartLogic reviews say it matches up.

The Benefits of Using Voice Recognition

Going into a doctor visit and experiencing a physician busy with making notes can be frustrating for patients. This creates a giant conundrum for practitioners. They must focus on their patients, but they also have to document what happens in the visit. 

The downside is, the patient will feel unheard, and the doctor may miss important cues that need to be observed. With a voice recognition tool, you can avoid problems like this. According to ChartLogic reviews, the tool can help out with both patient engagement and speedy documentation. 

Voice Recognition Features of ChartLogic 

The traditional EMR system doesn’t include voice recognition. However, modern software like ChartLogic knows it is vital. With technology that can convert your speech to text, you can speed up the process of navigating through your EMR. This will also allow you to avoid constantly clicking on screen and entering data in with typing.

You are on a budget of time, and ChartLogic understands that. The tasks that used to take doctors a long time to accomplish can be done in under two minutes. This means the doctor can then focus on their patient during the encounter instead of documenting constantly. 

ChartLogic integrates Dragon Medical Speech software, which is a software most doctors are already comfortable with. The tool recognizes your speech to some of the most astonishing degree of accuracy, and makes your note-taking highly efficient. 

One feature that ChartLogic reviews enjoy particularly is that the entire note is shown one one screen. This displays the history, codes, and all information related to the patient. 

About ChartLogic EHR

ChartLogic EHR is created by Medsphere, and set up in Salt Lake City in the United States. The key features of the software include its ability to make clinics efficient and paperless. The company offers an entire suite of healthcare solutions, which include practice management and record management. 

ChartLogic can adapt to clinics of all sizes and specialties, and prides itself on offering affordable solutions. It offers tools like RCM, online prescription, and scheduling, amongst various other features. 

ChartLogic pricing plans range from $100 up to $500 a month per provider depending on various factors. These factors can include your practice size, number of users, etc. 

A ChartLogic demo can be requested at any point from the vendor in order to see the software in action. It is a virtual tool with the presence of an expert that allows you to navigate how you would if you had bought the software. 

What ChartLogic Reviews Say About Voice Recognition

There are a lot of ChartLogic reviews out there that praise the software for many things, notably, the voice recognition software. According to these reviews, here are some of the things being said:

The software is efficient to use and is easy to implement onto the practice. It seems to be a one-stop solution for clinics, where they can enjoy all the perks of a fast EMR system. The system is also highly intuitive, as many reviews pointed out. It can allow doctors to use a combination of voice recognition, templates, and saved data to create notes. 

Clinics often use a paid transcription service in lieu of writing notes during a visit. While this solution can be effective, it also adds to the cost of running a practice. According to ChartLogic reviews, this is something clinics can eliminate due to voice recognition. 

Some reviews stated that they had been spending thousands of dollars on transcribing patient visits. Their doctors have appreciated being able to combine voice recognition into the patient notes. This allows them to quickly get done with documenting patient visits without having to take out extra time to make sure all information gets in.

One such account from the ChartLogic reviews stated they had joined ChartLogic early. They stated their doctor was very pleased with the benefits of voice recognition. This was particularly important on days when the clinic saw a lot of patient visits. 

Should I Get ChartLogic?

Whether or not ChartLogic is right for you will depend on a number of factors. However, as you can see from ChartLogic reviews, there is a lot to enjoy in the software. To make a decision, you can check out a demo of the software and see how it performs. 

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