The smart tricks to pick your health card online

Your health card is your ticket to pay with ease. Whether you need an RCT treatment or get an eye procedure done, the health card can come in quite handy. You get more flexibility to pay, you are better prepared for emergencies, and you can get discounts that are tailored to you. Plus, rather than carrying around cash, you can just carry a health card which is portable and easy to manage. As a health card has so many benefits it makes it a must-have for anyone who wants to be in control of their finances especially those related to health. But how do you pick a health card online?

What to look for in a health card?

The following are some of the vital things you should look for in a health card.

Easy online application

You should be able to easily health card apply online. While this can be difficult to compare, you can look at how many steps are involved in the process of application and how complicated they are. This should be listed by the health card provider. If not provided, you can search on Google to take a look at the application process. The health card you choose should have an easy-to-understand procedure to apply and it should clearly mention the step-by-step procedure to apply for a health card and how quickly it gets activated.

Complete card related details

You should find every minute detail about the health card so you can make an informed decision of whether it is suitable for your needs or not. When you are comparing health cards and determining what to get, it helps to see which provider is transparent with the card-related details. Have they mentioned the limit of the card use? Have they explained the pre-approved finance option in clear terms? Have they explained where you can use the card? Have they mentioned the fees and charges on their website? A good card provider mentions every small detail.

List of treatments and areas covered

When looking for a health card apply online, you must also look at the treatments and areas that they cover. Does the health card provider cover only a few states? Or does it cover hundreds of cities? The health card provider should also list out the treatments that are covered in the health card and which are not. This can make it clear whether you should get the card. If you have a pre-existing condition then look for a card provider that covers your particular condition. If you take medicines regularly because of high blood pressure, then look at whether the medical bills are covered.
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Flexible payment options

When you choose to health card apply online, you should also look at how they allow for payments to be made. Are they allowing you to pay in EMIs? Does the health card provider allow you to pick the EMIs as per your choice or do you have to go by what they say? A good health card provider will give you some freedom to pick how many EMIs you want to pay in. The provider should also specifically mention the fees and charges if you do not pay the EMI on time. You can then pick your online health card accordingly.

Why choose the Bajaj Finserv health card?

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card provides you with pre-approved finance of Rs. 4 lakh upon card generation. After you apply for the health card, your card gets automatically activated so that you can start using it instantly. This can be quite beneficial for you. You can even add family members such as your parents, spouse, and children. Using a single digital card, you can split the treatment costs into easy EMIs. This gives you better control and management of your finances. The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card is even easier to apply for people who already have a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

The health card provided by Bajaj Finserv allows you to get more than 800 treatments from more than 5,500 partners across various Indian cities. 1000 cities to be more precise. You can also get no-cost EMIs in many cases which means you don’t have to spend even a single rupee of interest when you pay for treatments using the health card.  You can choose the EMI duration starting from 3 months and going up to 24 months. You can also receive exclusive discounts from pharmacies and clinics so you can save for your treatment and medicines.

You get a complimentary personal accident cover of Rs. 1 lakh when you apply for the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card. Now is the best time to apply to get amazing deals, discounts, and offers from pharmacies and medical centres.

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