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Healthcare professionals have a lot to cope with. Stressful schedules, practice management and administration, policy compliance, business growth and continuing professional development and medical education, you name it. Thankfully, technology has come to their rescue, big time.  

Meet apps for healthcare professionals. They provide health-related services to help doctors and healthcare professionals evolve and grow. Let’s run through some of the best out there.  

  1. Bajaj Finserv Health Doctors:

It’s the most feature-packed app, offering comprehensive solutions for practice management, business development, revenue generation and streamlining workflows. The app takes a multi-modal approach to teleconsultations. As a registered doctor, you’ll be interacting with patients in your local area via video, chat and call. The Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor gives you a solid online presence, placing you where patients are. That opens up growth avenues for you. 

Why it makes sense

  • Comprehensive Range of Services: It’s a one-stop resource for quality healthcare for virtually all medical conditions. From searching for speciality to booking appointments and online consultations, the patient can access it all quickly, easily and securely. 
  • Tele-consulting Simplified: Patient records, medical background and vitals are available to you with a click. Rest assured of accurate and speedier consultations with hot buttons. 
  • Convenient Practice Management: Expect extensive assistance from an intelligent virtual receptionist for convenient and optimized practice management. 
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Managing your appointments, accessing weekly and monthly patient stats is a breeze with a user-friendly dashboard assigned to each doctor. 
  • Seamless Prescription Making: Feel free to create and send across the digital prescription. Worried about repetitive prescription making? Let auto-suggest medicine tool help. 
  • Appointment Reminders: Reminding patients about their appointment is possible via the app. The personalized approach helps develop goodwill and returning patients.
  • Check, Store and Retrieve Reports: Put to rest all hassles involved in telemedicine. Just go through the reports and stockpile and send them across speedier than ever.      
  1. Epocrates Plus

The “doctor’s second brain”, Epocrates has been providing the healthcare fraternity with well researched and current clinical content since 1998. Epocrates Plus’s digital platform is one of the existentially useful apps for healthcare professionals and modern practices. It took Steve Jobs to fructify the app when he requested Epocrates developers to create it for iPhone. 

Why it Makes Sense

  • Treasure Trove of information: Think of it as an encyclopaedia of all things healthcare. Think about the best practices, diagnostic tests interpretations, consult providers, medications alternatives, treatment recommendations, and practice management – the list goes on. 
  • Intuitive Interface: Enjoy a quick and pleasurable experience with a user-friendly interface. Instead, up to 20 minutes can be saved on searches and information access. 
  • Freemium Business Model: The basic features are free, but the upgrades require purchasing. The free version is sufficient for medical referencing. 
  1. Visual DX

Visual DX is tailored to provide support for precise diagnostic, treatment decisions and patient safety. The app is developed by Logical Images, a visual medical tech developer credited with putting together the world’s largest digital medical image repository. It features upwards of 100,000 peer-reviewed hi-res pictures of skin, mouth, eye, contagious illnesses and more. 

Why it Makes Sense

  • The world’s most comprehensive picture gallery and machine learning help clinicians identify, understand, and remedy various derma conditions. 
  • The “take a picture” tool provides quick and accurate answers for skin problems. 
  • It works well across age groups, skin types and derma conditions. 
  1. Medscape:

Medscape is indispensable if you prioritize continuing medical education. The app keeps you current on the latest development in over 34 health fields, irrespective of your specialization. 

Why it Makes Sense

  • The most comprehensive range of research-based, current news articles available. 
  • A clinical reference segment features the best practices in clinical management, safety protocols, and video tutorials on multiple practices and procedures for education. 
  1. Airstrip Cardiology:

It’s one of the must-have apps for healthcare professionals, especially cardiologists. Airstrip Technologies developed it in collaboration with GE Healthcare for iPhone. Some top hospitals across the world count on the app to arrive at educated cardiac care decisions. 

Why it Makes Sense?

The ECG data is synchronized with historical data to obtain accurate heart-related info in near real-time. The data can be speedily analyzed to decide on the treatment option.

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