Varsity Jackets Also Called Baseball Jackets

The varsity letter chenille patch on the left breast of the letter jacket is nearly always the first letter or initials of the high school or institution from which it was purchased. The letter itself can be tailored to the specific sport or activity.


Lettermen who play on a championship team are sometimes given a huge patch to wear on the back of their jacket commemorating their victory. The owner’s graduation year is usually matched in chenille. The owner’s name is generally stitched on the jacket or chenille-embroidered (to match the letter). The placement of the name and graduation year is determined by school customs. On the jacket, the school logo and symbols reflecting the student’s activities can also be ironed. The year is usually embroidered on the right sleeve or above the right pocket. 


Lettermen who compete in sports that reward medals frequently sew the medals onto their jackets to show off their achievements. Due to their American origins, letter jackets are also called as “letterman jackets,” “varsity jackets,” and “baseball jackets.” A letter jacket is a baseball-styled jacket worn by high school and college students in the United States to show school and team pride, as well as personal achievements achieved in athletics, academics, or extracurricular activities. 


Varsity jackets have evolved significantly over time, but one constant remains: varsity jackets are a symbol of achievement. You’ve earned your varsity jacket, and now you can personalise it with different embroidered patches, colours, and designs to make it as distinctive as the student who wears it.

A cherished American custom

The letterman jacket has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a tradition at a single school to the force of recognition and pride it is today. The letterman jacket is an iconic American tradition that has evolved into a source of pride, a fashion statement, and even a fashion trend around the world, in addition to its utilitarian purpose of keeping you warm in the winter. 

The varsity jacket’s beginnings

Varsity jackets, often known as letterman jackets or letter jackets, did not exist until the 1900s. Letterman sweaters, which first appeared about 1865 and were worn by Harvard University’s baseball team, were worn before varsity jackets. The baseball varsity of the Ivy League institution wore these letterman pullovers or cardigans exclusively as a uniform. They weren’t jackets; instead, they were a thick knit sweater with a large letter ‘H’ on the left chest. 

Varsity Jacket vs. Letterman Jacket

A letterman jacket is merely another term for this form of clothing, and it was the second name given to it. In terms of design, there is no change between the two coats. The sweater was originally known as the “baseball jacket” due to its origins in baseball. Because of the spread into other sports, calling it a “baseball” jacket didn’t provide the kind of inclusivity that the ever-growing popularity demanded. Because of the big letters sewed onto the fabric, it was dubbed “letterman jacket.” 


A varsity jacket is a technical word for it, but a letterman jacket is also a good moniker for it. In some circles, it’s still referred to as a baseball jacket. Because the jacket’s appearance is famous and easy to distinguish, the names have become interchangeable over time. Read about pimpandhost.


Varsity Jackets Come in a Variety of Styles

It goes without saying that the styles of varsity jackets have become significantly more diverse over time. They’ve evolved from a status symbol in sports to a fashion statement. Here are some of the most popular varsity jacket styles, looks, and customizations.

Dark Hues

When you think about varsity jackets, you typically envision bright, vivid colours that can be seen from a distance. That’s why a dark-hued varsity jacket is so appealing. It has the classic look, but with a stylish, contemporary twist. It’s a slick spin on a classic style thanks to its simplicity.

White varsity jacket with a hoodie

Leather sleeves used to be a varsity jacket standard, but in recent decades, sweatshirt material and a hoodie have taken their place. The chenille cuffs on the white hoodie and sleeves preserve the classic style while providing a distinct fabric option.

Classic Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket is a colourful iconic and heavily embroidered garment. It contains everything of the colours, information, and school spirit that a student could desire. 

Street Style

It’s a new way to wear the varsity look without the school pride, and it’s baggier than the conventional design. This varsity jacket is intended to be worn as a fashion statement, especially when it comes to embroidery digitizing. The colours are more neutral, and any symbols or words are unlikely to be related to any particular sport or institution. 


It has become a famous outerwear garment that may be worn in a variety of ways and fashions over time. The varsity jacket began as a prize for athletes to display their accomplishments in school or sports. 


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