What are the Benefits of Taking ZMA Capsules?

ZMA capsules have a combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. This supplement has proven to be effective in increasing muscle size, muscle mass, athletic performance, sleep quality, and body immunity.

Let’s understand the primary benefits of ZMA tablets and find why people should take them.  

Supports immune system

The key ingredients of ZMA capsules perform different tasks in supporting your immune system. Zinc is believed to increase the synthesis of immune cells and also support their performance. Studies also show that taking zinc supplements reduces the risk of infections.

Vitamin B6 deficiency can reduce the performance of your immune system. It is mainly for the reason that it boosts the production of white blood cells that protect the body against invading microbes. Magnesium deviancy also has a negative influence on immunity. So, take ZMA tablets to improve your immunity.

Boosts testosterone levels

ZMA capsules are popularly used for enhancing athletic performance. They boost the levels of testosterone in people deficient in zinc and magnesium. Testosterone hormone encourages tissue growth and helps in building muscles.  

Low magnesium and zinc levels can reduce testosterone production and can compromise your overall performance. A ZMA supplement provides these minerals in moderation and helps the body restore their level.

Maintains sugar level in blood

Diabetic patients take supplements that reduce their blood sugar levels. Studies prove that taking zinc supplements can also help the body manage blood sugar. Magnesium is also believed to increase the ability of body cells to sense insulin hormone, which transfers sugar from the blood to the cells. ZMA capsules are an effective source of these minerals, which may also help you maintain your blood sugar level.

Helps sleep better

A healthy combination of magnesium and zinc can help you sleep better and enjoy quality sleep.

In one study, 43 insomniac people were given a combination of melatonin, zinc, and magnesium. This combination helped the patients sleep faster and better at night. It shows that getting the same minerals through ZMA tablets may also have the same beneficial effect.

May reduce signs of depression

A deficiency of vitamin B6 and magnesium increases the risk of depression. Therefore, taking this mineral and vitamin through ZMA capsules may help you improve your mood and reduce depression risk. A 12 weeks study showed that taking a healthy amount of magnesium significantly reduced depression symptoms in its patients. Consult your doctor before taking a ZMA supplement for depression.

The recommended dose of ZMA

Different manufacturers produce ZMA capsules in different doses. You should get a supplement that meets your dose needs. There is no recommended dose of a ZMA supplement. However, serving dose of a ZMA supplement is typically 30 mg for zinc monomethionine, 450 mg for magnesium aspartate, and 10 mg for vitamin B6. Most of the manufacturers suggest three doses per day. However, you should take it according to your purpose of intake.


ZMA capsules are an effective source of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. They can help you fight off infections, sleep better at night, increase your muscle mass, and elevate your mood. You should take these supplements after getting your doctor’s approval.

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